Ardan launches new online application system for onboarding clients

06 Sep 2023

Ardan International has announced the launch of a fully online application system. Advisers using the new system will be able to onboard new clients - and have those applications verified and accepted - in as little as 30 minutes.


Advisers can complete and submit a new application online 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
The online system is unique in the international platform space in that it is a straight through, end-to-end fully online process. Everything can be submitted online. This includes client identity and verification of residential address (VORA) evidence. Client ID is captured and securely submitted to the ID-Pal portal, where it is subjected to rigorous biometric, document and database checks before the client ID is verified.
Client risk assessment is also automated. Wet signatures are not needed; digital signatures can be used and accepted via DocuSign. 

Ardan International Chief Executive Officer Sarah Dunnage said: 

“We believe our online application system is a real game-changer for advisers. The system is intuitive, secure and will help advisers save time in onboarding new customers.”
Watch this video to learn about the new system.